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Armed Reaction Services


Your Protection is our Priority


With 10 years+ experience in providing Security Escort services to Clients, Evocatus Security Services SA provides a variety of escort services and includes:

– Armed Reaction
– Armed Escorts
– Alarm Response
– Route Scouting
– Safeguarding
– Reinforcement
– Stolen Vehicle Recovery


Armed Reaction services are often required to be both pro-active and re-active in nature in challenging areas, such as rural and urban environments and National roads.


Typical services include armed reaction, armed escorting, alarm-response, route scouting, safeguarding, reinforcement and stolen vehicle recovery.


These services are typically executed in areas encompassing telecommunication towers, electrical sub-stations, logistics and transportation of high value and vulnerable goods, businesses, or residential environments.


Soft skin and Armored Vehicles are deployed, and can also be utilised as Ground Teams, equipped with a dashcam, tracking devices, emergency, and tactical equipment. All vehicles and Teams are in constant communication, monitored and supported by the Control Room.